Bassinet Sheets 3 Pack Set Made From 100% Jersey Cotton

Worried about finding the right sheets for your baby’s bassinet?

A bassinet is a popular item among new parents nowadays. It lets mom and dad co-sleep with the baby without actually lying down on the parents’ bed. More importantly, it is a safer and space-saving alternative to large wooden cribs.

The bassinet is your newborn baby’s first bed experience so it must be chosen with care. You must carefully select sheets that help him feel safe and secure. They should be made of fabric which doesn’t cause itch or irritation on your little one’s sensitive skin.

Give your baby the gift of comfort and a good night’s sleep with the Pupiki Baby Bassinet Sheets!

Nothing is more hurtful to a parent than to comfort a baby who can’t sleep well, especially at night. We created bassinet bed sheets made from 100% cotton jersey to ensure softness and breathability unlike anything you’ve felt before.

Each sheet in our 3-pack box is designed to fit almost any size or shape of bassinet mattresses. This way, you won’t have to worry about getting the fit right. Just wrap it around the mattress, lay it down flat into the bassinet, and flatten out any crease or wrinkle.

While most baby essentials require special washing and maintenance instructions, these sheets don’t. Cleaning them is a breeze. You can wash it by hand or machine with regular detergent, nothing strong or specially-formulated.

More reasons to love our 3-piece bassinet bedding set:
👶 Gift-ready packaging for baby shower parties
👶 Non-toxic, chemical-free material
👶 Reinforced stitching for long-wearing capability

Your baby deserves nothing short of the best. Add a 3-piece set of Pupiki Baby Bassinet Sheets to your cart TODAY!

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