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Joining is free. Before you join, we want to make sure you understand the rules about how our rebate club works.

We believe in complete transparency, so please read the rules about how this works to qualify for 80-100% off manufacturer's rebate. There is no "catch" - but we do things in a specific way to keep overhead low so that we can keep membership free for our members.

Should you have any questions about this, please don't hesitate to email us at:

Read the Rules for Participation Before you Agree to Join our Rebate Club:

QUESTION: "How exactly does all this work? How do I get my manufacturer's rebate and how long does it take?"

  • (1) You will always purchase the participating products right through, so you're guaranteed a safe and secure checkout.
  • (2) When we offer a 80-100% off manufacturer's rebate, we will send you complete instructions on how to find the correct product on Amazon, and you will complete the checkout.

    NOTE: An Amazon review is NOT mandatory and is not a condition for getting these special discounted deals.
  • (3) Just pay shipping, or if you're Amazon PRIME, even shipping is free. (We do not reimburse for shipping.)
  • (4) If accepted into the club, you will be sent a Rebate Request Form to fill out. You will provide proof of purchase details, such as the Amazon order ID. The form is online and very easy to fill out (takes less than three minutes.)

    You will need to fill out this form EVERY TIME you grab one of these 80-100% off deals, so we know when to process your rebates! 

    If you ever run into trouble filling it out or have questions, you can always reach our Help Desk at:
  • (5) These deals are extremely popular and very limited quantity. How do we announce when a manufacturer's deal is available?

    Members are emailed immediately when they are eligible for a 80-100% off rebate deal as soon as they become available.

    To qualify, you must click on the special link that is provided in those emails. (This is how we keep track of how many members are grabbing a rebate deal!)

    Full details are then provided, including where to fill out the online form to receive your rebate.
  • (6) How are the rebates sent? ONLY PayPal will be used to issue rebates. (We do not send checks. This is to keep our overhead costs low. Sorry, PayPal only.)

    Note: this MUST be your personal paypal account, and not someone else's. If you don't have a Paypal account, you will not be approved for membership.
  • (7) USA residents only. Sorry, we cannot accept any members outside the continental USA.
  • (8) How fast will I get my rebate? We will send your rebate by PayPal within 3 business days (or sooner.) This is MUCH faster than just about every other rebate program out there!

    It takes us time to validate each order, and confirm the item has been delivered to you before issuing rebates. We find this takes about 3 business days on average.
  • (9) Limit 1 rebate request per deal. We have had people try to purchase 20 products at a time, and then expect a 100% rebate on them all. That's just taking advantage. Rebates will be limited to 1 unit per member for each promotion. If you choose to purchase multiple units of an offer, you will only be eligible for a rebate on 1 unit. No exceptions.
  • (10) What if I fail to receive the product? Since all orders are placed through Amazon, it was most likely a shipping delay from their warehouse. (We have nothing to do with shipping of the products. That is handled by Amazon.)

    However, if you run into problems, feel free to contact our help desk and we will do our best to help steer you in the right direction:
  • (11) How do I know this isn't a scam? All orders are placed right through Amazon, one of the most trusted ecommerce websites in the world. The worst thing that could happen would be you get a refund direct from Amazon. However, as we have explained, you will receive your rebates by PayPal within 3 business days.

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